custom tape

Prestamos-immediatos recommends printed packaging tape from for a variety of reasons. You will not need to save up or apply for a loan to but this low priced tape. It is affordable to pay in one go.

Custom tape is one of those products that is a necessity and a hidden gem. In terms of marketing it is one of the cheapest methods of promoting your services or goods. Each roll of printed tape is 66m long and can cost as little as 99p per roll.

printed tape

If you were to work out the cost per box sealed and branded with your tape this is the sum, 1000 rolls x 99 p per roll = £999 ex vat.


A standard box needs up to 1 m of tape, so with 66m of tape on each roll, you could effectively seal and brand 66 boxes for £1! This is incredible.

All we need to be able to print your packaging tape is your artwork design, choice of material and the number of colours you require printing on the material.

We also produce printed paper tape, this is essentially eco friendly tape made from recycled paper and is environmentally friendly.

Barrier tape is made from super strong ldpe and is a great asset to your business if you are looking to partition of a particular area od land, or set out the track for a racing or sporting event then printed barrier tape is fine.

Standard packaging tapes such as fragile tape, caution tapes and yellow and black hazard warning tapes are all pre printed packaging tapes that we manufacture and stock in our warehouse.

If you would like to buy printed tape, please get in contact with us today .